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Dear editor,

The following rhyme was written in 1994. I believe it is even more relevant today than when it was first written and has something to say regarding my opinion of at least one of the nation's presidential aspirants.

I have written a number of political and science rhymes and this was the only one that led me to use four letter-words which, you may note, I have self-censored to make more palatable to a "family" audience.

For the record, some of my family resided in Texas, when it was still Mexico and some of the environmental and energy issues I discuss are relevant to both sides of the border, if not to the whole world.

In this season, when politicians buy the media, would you be so kind as to allow one disenfranchised citizen a little free speech and publish my rhyme, which I title the "W. Bush song" or "Remember the Alamo".

Tony Ryals